Bonvera and Luebella bring you great skin care options in 2019!

Maybe you’ve done a great job of caring for your skin this year or, maybe you haven’t. Either way, there’s no time like the present to commit to caring for your skin. In caring for your skin today, you will be on your way to gorgeous skin throughout 2019. Why is it important to make your skin care a priority this year? We can give you four simple reasons.

Hello! It’s your skin!

Your skin is your largest organ, weighing in at around eight pounds and measuring up to around 22 square feet. Your skin is a shield from the elements, including rain, dirt and allergens. As temperatures around you rise and fall, your skin helps your body regulate its temperature, keeping you from getting dangerously hot or cold. Furthermore, your skin can reveal frustrating issues like wrinkles, acne and roughness. By maintaining a skin care routine, like the Skin Care System by Luebella, you can help feed your skin the nutrients it needs, while keeping it clean and blemish-free.

It’s simple.

Taking care of your skin does not need to take up a large portion of your day, or cause you to change your lifestyle. Skin care should be simple but effective. Luebella offers a skin care system which is just that. With four easy steps, two for morning and three for night, caring for your skin won’t take more than five minutes per day. However, it will leave your skin nourished, cleansed, and vibrant all day long.

It will impact your future.

As mentioned before, your skin is your largest organ. You only get one chance at caring for your skin while it’s in its prime, before you create lasting damage. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity, causing fine lines and deep wrinkles. Start preventing physical signs of aging by adding in an anti-aging serum, like the one Luebella offers. Be sure to prepare for a future of beautiful, wrinkle-free skin as you incorporate an effective anti-aging serum.

It helps reveal the inner you.

Your skin is a picture of what your body needs from within. Dryness indicates a need for hydration, while dark circles indicate a need for rest. Always take note of what your skin is trying to tell you and make necessary changes, in addition to your skin care routine. If you have seen a positive change in your skin through your skin care but still experience the occasional breakout, see if what you are putting in your body is causing the change. Often, processed sugar or carbs can cause breakouts. Plus, as you look forward to a brighter 2019, let your skin reflect that. You are gorgeous and full of light, so let your skin be the same!

With a new year, comes all new possibilities, it’s true. While the holidays and the onset of a brand new year may be daunting and stressful, starting a new skin care routine should not be. With Luebella Skin Care System, you can quickly and effectively invest in your skin using four simple products. The regimen includes Luebella Revitalizing Facial Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream and Anti-Aging Serum. It’s time to take care of your skin, for today and tomorrow. Talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur to purchase Luebella products mentioned above and to learn about other amazing products Luebella offers. If you don’t yet have a Bonvera associate, contact us at or give us a call at (316) 260-2225.