After a long day, it’s time to relax and truly pamper your skin. You may feel like you should only be pampered every now and again, but what if you allowed yourself to be pampered every single night? Now is the time to take the next step and care for yourself and your skin. With Luebella Skin Care, you can. Luebella offers a nightly regimen that will leave your skin feeling younger, smoother and more luminous. The three-step nightly routine is easy to use but incredibly effective and will gift you with a bit of self-care, every single night. Learn more about their lavish three-step regimen and how it will leave your skin with lasting benefits.

Luebella Revitalizing Facial Cleanser

To begin the nightly pampering process, it’s important to prep your face by cleansing. Luebella Revitalizing Facial Cleanser is gentle on skin but tough on dirt and grime that covers your face throughout the day. The cleanser is made with all-natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. To leave your skin more radiant, the cleanser incorporates gentle exfoliants that slough off dead skin, revealing your bright new skin that was hiding underneath. After rinsing your face with water, it’s important to it dry it well. As you dry your skin don’t rub, rather, pat your skin to remove moisture. This way, you remain gentle with your delicate facial skin.

Luebella Anti-Aging Serum

It is never too early to start protecting your skin from the physical signs of aging. Luebella Anti-Aging Serum was developed to defend women of all ages against fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. After cleansing the skin, it’s time to apply anti-aging serum. You can apply the serum to trouble spots like around the eyes and mouth, or apply all over the face and neck for an all-around boost. One trick to help lift your skin a bit and not promote sagging is to apply serums by rubbing it in with upward motions. Always be sure to rub in your serum and cream starting closer to the nose and rubbing up and out, towards the hairline. This just gives your skin a bit of an extra boost, by not pulling your skin down, as it naturally likes to sag.

Luebella Night Cream

Now for the last, and most lavish, step of the Luebella nightly regimen. After cleansing the skin with the revitalizing cleanser and stopping the clock with the anti-aging serum, it’s time to apply the luxurious Luebella Night Cream. While you sleep, your skin loses essential hydration that keeps it smooth and supple. By applying Luebella Night Cream, you will lock in moisture throughout the night so you wake up with incredible skin.

If you’re ready to pamper yourself every night, and wake up with bright and beautiful skin, then it’s time to start the Luebella Skin Care System. With four essential and effective products for morning and night, you can invest in your skin and see visible results in no time. Talk to your Bonvera entrepreneur to purchase Luebella Skin Care System mentioned above and to learn about the other amazing products Luebella offers. If you don’t yet have a Bonvera associate, contact customer service by emailing or calling (316) 260-2225.