Planning for your future isn’t always easy. However, ensuring you have great looking skin in the future, is! Properly caring for your skin today is the key to having healthy skin tomorrow. Here, you’ll find three simple rules of thumb to keep in mind as you kickstart your way to happy, healthy skin.

#1 Work from the Inside, Out

Drink water, eat well, and always take your vitamins. Our bodies use our skin to tell us vital information. Do you need to drink more water? Are you lacking essentials like iron or Vitamin D? Do you need more sleep? Take note of what your skin is telling you through its dryness, palor, or even by checking the bags under your eyes. As you begin to understand the cues your skin is giving, make those small but important changes, which will not only make your skin look more radiant, your body will thank you too!

#2 Stop Skipping the Moisturizer

Well hydrated skin has tons of benefits for your present and your future. Hydrating your skin in the morning and at night helps promote baby-soft skin and reduces the progression of fine lines. Depending on your skin type, your skin will compensate for too much or too little hydration. By regularly moisturizing your skin, you balance your natural oils and reduce the chance of having oily or dry skin. Duo-moisturizers like Luebella Day Cream and Luebella Night Cream, are great options for balancing out your skin and keeping it looking and feeling amazing, today and every day.

#3 No, Don’t Skip the Sunscreen Either!

Remember what mom told you and put on sunscreen! While it’s important to get your daily fix of Vitamin D that only the sun can provide, make sure you’re shielding your skin from harmful UV rays. These rays can cause pigmentation issues, sunburns, fine lines, wrinkles and cancerous skin cells. You don’t want to take your chances with those rays, so stay away from UV (and even farther from the artificial UV rays of the tanning bed).

#4 Use a Face-Specific Cleanser

Facial skin is extremely delicate, so it is important to treat it with care. Be sure to not use cleansers with harsh chemicals used in many generic skin cleansers. Being kind to your skin helps protect it from fine lines and wrinkles, making it look younger longer. Washing your face in the morning and night is incredibly important. Your skin is your first line of defense when it comes to the elements which also means it get exposed to lots of dirt and grit throughout the day. During the night, your skin creates oils and germs from your pillow case. Cleansing your face is not a step you want to skip. Consider using a gentle cleanser, designed specifically for your face such as Luebella’s Revitalizing Facial Cleanser. The cleanser’s unique formula was created to leave your skin radiant and more importantly, healthy.

Bonvera-Luebella-Cleanser#5 Start a Regimen

It’s never too late to create good skin care habits and starting a daily regimen is the best way to do so. Having an effective regimen doesn’t mean you have to spend hours a day tending to your skin. Even if you have wrinkle-free skin, it’s not too early to start protecting your skin from a future of fine lines and wrinkles by utilizing an anti-aging serum. One way to achieve incredible skin with little effort is by using a pre-set regimen, like the Luebella Skin Care System, which includes four amazing products. In the morning, use the Luebella Revitalizing Facial Cleanser followed by Luebella Day Cream. Before bed, use the facial cleanser one last time, followed by Luebella Night Cream and, finally, Luebella Anti-Aging Serum. This system incorporates important products to help your skin stay hydrated, healthy, and of course, glowing.

Great skin starts today – and these simple steps will help make great skin possible tomorrow too!

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